No nap

I'm a much better mom when G naps. That did not happen yesterday.

I was not a good mom.

I did buy 3 new lily plants for me and planted 100 onions for D.


I can do this?

Derek's in California. For. Eight. Days. I do not make a good single mom, not to mention that Derek & I haven't been apart for this long in. ... maybe 14 years? It was tough dropping him off. I hope he gets a lot of sleep and enjoys every minute.

Day one is almost done, but it doesn't really count as the kids were in daycare & now the boys are with Robin so I could take Z to dance.



I'm posting here to avoid reading a book for work.

I may have stayed in the bathroom at work longer than I needed to avoid a coworker.

I'm a big, fat avoider these days.



So a week and a half ago we took Gus into be seen by the doctor. He was breathing funny. We got the " it's just a cold" speech.

But we took him in yesterday because he was grabbing his ear and wailing.

Yeah major year infection in the beginning of pneumonia.

It's frustrating how do you know when to take a kid in?

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(no subject)

I just made a crap load of birds happy. I cleaned out part of Gussy's carseat. The amount of raisins, goldfish, petrified fries, pancakes & cookie crumbs could feed a flock of seagulls for a week.

Enjoy, rats with wings, enjoy.

Just wondering

If I start posting a lot more often, will others too?

Not that I have that much power over you, but maybe you will be more likely to post if you see others post.